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This is a test. Don’t pay me any mind. Just testing this thing out to see if it still works and all. Blah Blah.

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This is a test


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Leah Sarah

Leah Sarah is a 15 yr old singer, writer, and actress who is blessed to be part of Oddville. She has been submerged in the world of music since the age of 10. Leah says, “The first song I ever wrote was about tap dancing. Ever since, my passion for music has grown by the second. My dream is to perform in front of a sold out crowd in Madison square garden. My inspirations are Muse, Natalie Portman and my Mother.  To me, our single “Heart of a Warrior” means to follow your dreams and when things get rough, persevere. Obstacles come but life goals are worth it. The first time I heard our single on the radio it was a surreal feeling and had me on a natural high. I’ve learned…

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Album Review: iNDEED – iNDEEDFACE

Hardwood Blacktop

The legitimate production crew or group, as opposed to the group of producers who work individually (eg DITC), is not an aberration in rap music – Organized Noize, Neptunes, Block Beataz, Earthtone III – but it’s not all that common either.  Even less common is getting to hear the group really let their hair down and make music for themselves without serious commercial aspirations getting in the way.  Earthtone III was mainly concerned with producing their own work and that of a few other Dungeon Fam rappers, N.E.R.D. made some great music, but the charts always seemed to be an aim in one form or another, Organized Noize’s closest attempt probably came with the historically snoozed upon Sleepy’s Theme album Vinyl Room.  In many ways Vinyl Room might be a reasonable sonic ancestor for iNDEEDFACE if Sleepy’s Theme had been into psychotropics and irreverence.

iNDEED “Black Tears”

When iNDEED dropped the iNDEED EP

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Pusha T – Pain (ft. Future)


Pusha T – Pain (ft. Future)

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Onslaught – Looking Out

Exclusive Interview with Cali’s Rising Rapper CASH L3WIS

Man accused of cutting Chicago Bears fan’s throat

Authorities are accusing Matthew Hinson, 27, of cutting Chicago Bears fan’s throat at a restaurant/bar in Jacksonville, Fla. Supposedly, the altercation had nothing to do with sports rivalry. Police say Hinson became furious when he saw William Pettry talking to his wife.

Jonathan McReynolds-Local Gospel Singer

Columbia College graduate Jonathan McReynolds performs “I Love You” song. Reynolds recently released his gospel album “Life Music.”

Chris Brown’s Love Triangle